The beginning

Most sexual experiences that we have recorded in this short period have had some important striking similarities. Sex remains an unspoken yet a dominating aspect of lives of men and women. Although strict social codes have existed in the society about sexual behaviours, yet the breaking the codes was not an aberration. Six out the ten people we have spoken to have had sexual experiences under the age of eighteen with people much elder to them. Most of them can be legally termed child molestations. Unfortunately these experiences have shaped the preferences of these people and most of them realised it but yet they can do nothing about it.

Like a twenty four year old girl who was first kissed by a middle aged man gets attracted to men in their late 30s or 40s. A guy who had sex at the age of 14 with a girl who was about 23 years old, still finds old women attractive. Although he is currently dating a girl of his age he feels discontented with the relationship and expects the woman to dominate on bed.

Sex lives and sexual experiences in urban India are still a puzzle. Men and women both continue to suffer as they both don’t understand each other’s expectations and minds-the reason because they don’t talk and conversate. You can easily find lewdness in Indian society on the streets, in the movie songs, but what we thoroughly missed was the total absence of maturity to deal with sex as a subject which was part of their daily lives without fear, shame and stigma. Even educated, well-travelled and supposedly progressive Indians were not comfortable talking about sex. One can easily crack a joke with sexual innuendo on National television in India but yet we are not ready for talking about our sexual lives as adults.


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